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Population: 103.2m
GDP: $73.76bn
Debt: 11.1% of GDP (2024)

news from Congo-Kinshasa

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Kabila looks into the abyss

After the eastern rebels trounce the national army and opposition movements step up the pressure, the President is fighting for his political life

The seizure of Goma by the Mouvement du 23 mars rebels on 20 November has dangerously weakened the regime of President Joseph Kabila Kabange. Backed by Rwanda and Uganda, M23’s bru...

Why Goma fell

The full details of Goma’s fall are still murky but the main military push started on 19 November when, say local people, fighters from the Mouvement du 23 mars (M23) began to cros...

Expert opinions

The controversy over the United Nations’ report on the conflict in eastern Congo-Kinshasa continued this week as the UN Security Council debated it yet again. The United States is ...

Uganda accused

A new UN report accuses both Uganda and Rwanda are running the M23 rebellion: foreign support for Kampala could soon be suspended

The United Nations Group of Experts on eastern Congo-Kinshasa has indicted the Ugandan government as co-sponsor of the Mouvement du 23 mars (M23) rebellion in Kivu alongside Rwanda...

M23’s other parent

Indirect talks between the M23 rebels in North Kivu and the Kinshasa government are finally taking place in Uganda, sources in Kampala have told Africa Confidential. Yet this news ...

New York showdown

Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame take their battles over the Kivu provinces to the UN General Assembly

Congolese ministers have been energetically lobbying in New York ahead of a high-level meeting on Central Africa at the United Nations General Assembly which opens on 25 September....

Kabila seeks succour abroad

Discontent is widespread and the Francophone summit will do little to cover up the national cracks

President Joseph Kabila Kabange got an unexpected present on 27 August when his French opposite number, François Hollande, said he would attend the 12-14 October Francophone summit...

Displaying 191-200 out of 549 results.