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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

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Bad fences, bad neighbours

Disputes over politics, oil and diamonds are dividing the two neighbouring governments

Relations between Luanda and Kinshasa could deteriorate sharply after a series of disputes. Angolan border police expelled about 15,000 Congolese in April and May after rounding th...

How honesty can cost jobs

Local officials and Western companies argue about new regulations on conflict minerals which they say could worsen economic hardship

Unemployment among artisanal miners is rising as nervous electronics manufacturers, such as Apple and Intel, source fewer imports from them. Many companies are acting on a precauti...

Cabinda man arrested

The latest twist in the long dispute between Angola and Congo-Kinshasa came with the arrest in Kinshasa of Cabindan human rights activist Agostinho Chicaia in late June. Tension ha...

Election express

The government’s determination to push through the heavily contested national elections by December is raising concern about their credibility

Regional antagonisms and logistical problems are overshadowing presidential and parliamentary elections due on 28 November. After much delay and after constitutional reform pushed ...

Call back

A United Nations group of experts on Congo-Kinshasa broke new ground in its twice-yearly report of 7 June by offering those it criticises the right to reply. In 2008, the group acc...

Ethical smelting

The Katangese Mines Minister, Juvénal Kitungwa Lugoma, was in Paris on 5 May assuring nervous electronics and automotive company representatives that cassiterite and colombo-tantal...

Real bullets, phoney coup

Suspicions abound about the government’s account of a small but deadly attack near the President’s home

The government called it a terrorist attack but what actually happened is still not clear. The raid on one of President Joseph Kabila’s homes came in the early afternoon of 27 ...

The state of the forces

Congo-Kinshasa’s armed forces comprise about 150,000, including 2,500 in the Navy, 3,000 in the Air Force and 15,000 in the Republican Guard. Military observers believe that m...

Displaying 201-210 out of 512 results.