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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

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Contract clashes

President Joseph Kabila's government is set for another round of legal clashes with foreign companies. First is Canada's First Quantum, locked in battle with Kinshasa at the Intern...

8 ways to clean up minerals

Several schemes and approaches aim to limit the flow of Congo-Kinshasa's conflict minerals, not all of them as well coordinated as they should be. Here is our rundown.

Katanga makes a comeback

The secessionist movement that almost split the country 50 years ago is again on the march

In the main square of Lubumbashi on 11 July, more than 20 people were arrested while demonstrating for the independence of Katanga. A month earlier, the Place de la Poste had been ...

Half a century, half the battle

After assassinations, wars and hyper-corruption, President Kabila talks of building on remarkable victories

Congo-Kinshasa’s fiftieth birthday celebrations on 30 June were marred on two sides. International accusations of corruption delayed an US$8bn debt deal (see Box), and an oil tanke...

Odious debts, now less debt

More than a decade of tortuous negotiations has won US$8 billion of debt relief for Congo-Kinshasa a day after its fiftieth birthday. The historic, moral argument for relief is str...

Secret oil deal

The emergence of Khulubuse Zuma, the nephew of South African President Jacob Zuma, as a leading player in Congo-Kinshasa’s oil industry has provoked curiosity and anger in almost e...

Ottawa confronts Africa at the G-20 summit

Canadian officials will raise a mining dispute with the Kinshasa government when they host the grand summit this weekend

Canada, which hosts the Group of Eight and Group of Twenty summits on 26-27 June, is to call for action against what it claims is an attempt by Congo-Kinshasa to expropriate a copp...

A disastrous half-century

The foreign plunderers have joined with the local elite to create today’s political confusion

With the fiftieth anniversary of Independence due on 30 June, discontent is growing. Much of it is aimed personally at President Joseph Kabila Kabange, who has been in power since ...

Displaying 241-250 out of 516 results.