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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

news from Congo-Kinshasa

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Murder again

The death in detention of another critic illustrates the government’s arbitrary power as its reputation declines at home and abroad

The official story is that Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu killed himself on 1 October with a cloth he was using as a pillow. He had been detained by President Joseph Kabila’s National ...

Massaging the message

UN officials believe their edited investigation has persuaded Uganda and Rwanda not to withdraw their peacekeepers

At the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on 23 September, Rwandan President Paul Kagame did not look like a man leading a government condemned for human ri...

Kinshasa in court

President Joseph Kabila's government now has the distinction of facing three international court cases in which foreign companies accuse it of arbitrarily seizing their assets. Th...

A poll that perplexes

The coming elections are immense, will cost US$715 million and are quite possibly illegal

The grumbles are growing fast, although there is still a year to go before the votes are cast. Several Congolese non-government organisations are casting doubt on the legality of t...

Runners and frontrunners

Only three candidates have so far declared that they will stand for president at the election whose first round is due on 27 November 2011. Oscar Kashala Lukumuenda, 56, Chairman o...

Mixed minerals

The job of Congo’s Centre d’Evaluation, d’Expertise et de Certification (CEEC) and its director, Léonide Mupepele, is to certify the value of metals produced, and so to ensure that...

Kigali wins another round of the blame game

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held an emergency meeting with President Paul Kagame in Kigali on 8 September after the Rwandan government threatened to withdraw from UN peacekeeping missions. Kigali’s logic was unassailable. A draft UN report had suggested that Rwandan troops might have committed ‘crimes of genocide’ in eastern Congo-Kinshasa in 1997; if the UN endorsed those claims, Kigali said it would have no choice but to withdraw its 3,500  troops from the UN force in Darfur, Sudan.

The credibility of the United Nations is on trial again after the leaking of its draft 545-page report mapping human rights violations in Congo-Kinshasa in 1993-2003. It seems almo...

The UN’s credibility on the line

Relations with the United Nations in general have taken a heavy hit. Kigali accuses the UN of leaking the report to distract attention from the inadequacies of its force in Congo-K...

New pressure on the war-minerals link

Congo's 'clean' minerals are more politically toxic than buyers would like

Rebels are taking over more mines throughout the east, while control of minerals by corrupt government forces continues, making even Congo's 'clean' state-sourced minerals more pol...

Displaying 231-240 out of 516 results.