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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

news from Congo-Kinshasa

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Old debts and new deals

Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal will decide this month whether FG Hemisphere, a United States-based vulture fund, is entitled to seize US$100 million from payments due to the...

Surveying Sicomines

The Congolese authorities are having trouble holding their Chinese partners to account while new barter deals and contracts pile up

Concerns are rising over the opacity of the US$6 billion Sicomines deal between the Congolese government and a group of Chinese companies. Congolese civil society groups and opposi...

All roads lead to Beijing

Chinese construction companies are not just carrying out Beijing-backed projects, they are also winning contracts from international donors. The first phases of telecommunications ...

The price of debt forgiveness

Kinshasa may have to rethink its deals with China if it wants debt write-offs from Western creditors

European powers are blocking billions of dollars of debt relief to President Joseph Kabila’s government until it agrees to revise some of its trade and financing deals with China. ...

Vital Kamerhe

Former Speaker, National Assembly

As first-round elections approach on 27 November 2011, Joseph Kabila’s former ally is emerging as a challenger to the President. Taking his cue from other parties in the region, Vi...

The case against Kabila's army

A new report by United Nations experts implicates Congo’s soldiers in murderous criminality, leaving Kinshasa some tough choices

The findings by a United Nations' investigation that extensive criminal networks inside Congo's army are raping and killing people and stealing minerals challenge President Josep...

Will the UN bail out of Congo?

Another month, another United Nations' report on Congo-Kinshasa. Yet do these reports, or indeed the UN in general, help improve conditions in Congo? At around 19,000 strong, the...

Kagame’s troops return to Congo

Chaos in the Kivus has given Kigali a pretext to send its soldiers back across the border in pursuit of political and economic objectives

The Rwandan Defence Force is back in Congo-Kinshasa but trying to keep a low profile. Presidents Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame agreed on the move at a 6 September meeting during Ka...

Displaying 221-230 out of 516 results.