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Population: 16.48m
GDP: $34.41bn
Debt: 98.5% of GDP (2024)

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Morganatic marriages

Amidst a confetti shower of court orders, affidavits and writs, the nuptials between Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Elizabeth Macheka on 16 September were down-sized from a f...

A sickly constitution

A new constitution seemed to be on its way until the ZANU-PF Politburo interfered and overthrew two years of cooperation

The once prestigious Harare Annual Agricultural Show, a shadow of its former self, gamely goes through the motions of being opened by an international figure. On 24 August, this ho...

Mugabe's Maputo success

Robert Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) were pleased with the outcome of the Southern African Development Community summit in Maputo on 17...

It’s time for a vote

The courts say there must be bye-elections and that will impose change on all the political parties

The Supreme Court has finally forced President Robert Mugabe to hold long-outstanding bye-elections in three Matebeleland parliamentary seats. He had argued that the polls would be...

Souvenir of Matebeleland

So far, Matebeleland's special concerns have not been fully addressed by the political reform process. The Human Rights Commission will deal only with matters since 2008, leaving t...

From no growth to low growth

Turning to the US dollar was not enough: politics underlies the country’s economic problems

Growth forecasts of 9.4% for this year have been halved. Thishighlights the policy limitations of abolishing the Zimbabwean dollar.It was replaced in 2009 by a range of solid curre...

A coarse debut

Outbursts in Angola by the Zambian President punctuate a regional meeting that went badly for Mugabe, too

The most extraordinary thing about the extraordinary summit of the Southern African Development Community on 31 May-1 June was the performance of Zambia’s President Michael Sata. A...

Justice denied

The mid-May visit to Zimbabwe by the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Navanethem Pillay, was disastrous. She came at the invitation of Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, ...

Muscling out Mugabe

Politics in general as well as the race to succeed Mugabe are deepening in complexity and rancour

Politics are fast becoming a heady mix of military muscle-flexing, metaphysics and Machiavellianism, especially the politicking of those who would succeed President Robert Mugabe. ...

Devil of a mess

‘I detect a Satanic hand at work,’ said the excommunicated Anglican Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga. The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front apologist was talking about the ...

Displaying 211-220 out of 592 results.