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South Sudan

South Sudan

Population: 12.58 mn.
GDP: $2.9 bn.
Debt: n/a

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Implausible denials

As the Sudan Revolutionary Front is launched, the regime tries to parry opposition in the North by bombing South Sudan

Khartoum’s bombing of a refugee camp in South Sudan on 10 November has drawn unprecedented condemnation and stirred fears of a return to full-scale war between North and South. The...

Questions facing the new regime

After seven weeks of negotiation, Salva appoints the first independent government amid concern about accountability and national cohesion

Although the first post-Independence Government announced on 26 August better distributed portfolios among the three Southern regions – with a visible power shift from the Dinka-do...

Death in Jonglei

The biggest challenge for the new Juba government – and for many Southerners – is violence in some areas. Jonglei State in Greater Upper Nile is especially troubled and there is co...

New South Sudan Ministers

The new team of 29 ministers and 27 deputies marks an attempt at greater regional and ethnic inclusivity, sometimes at the expense of experience.

From autonomy to sovereignty

South Sudanese have made history; now they have to make a future

Tens of thousands of jubilant and weeping people cheered South Sudan’s new flag at the John Garang Mausoleum in Juba on Independence Day, 9 July. Then, instead of presenting the lo...

How the South moves north

As Ethiopian peacekeepers deploy in the contested Abyei Area, Khartoum’s strategy to keep it in the North grows starker. Northern opposition to the ruling National Congress Party i...

The clock strikes zero

After the celebrations, the Juba government will battle to meet its people’s dreams and handle relations with Khartoum

History is made in Sudan this week. Dignitaries from across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas flew into Juba, the makeshift capital of the new Republic of South Sudan, which wi...

Get in line

Asian partners are queuing up in Juba to offer South Sudan, the world’s newest state, aid, peacekeepers and trade

China was the first to send a high-level delegation after South Sudan’s independence celebrations. Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi arrived in Juba on 9 August to meet President Sa...

Nhial Deng Nhial

Minister of Foreign Affairs, South Sudan

Lieutenant General Nhial Deng Nhial, who became South Sudan’s new Foreign Affairs Minister on 27 August, is preparing for a steady stream of global emissaries. One of the world’s p...

Displaying 121-130 out of 132 results.