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Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Population: 4.66 mn.
GDP: $1.95 bn.
Debt: $0.73 bn.

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Amid the chaos, a sort of vote

Rebels, dissidents and their allies from across the region could turn the coming elections into a protracted battle for power

Seven months late, national elections are due on 23 January, amid accusations of cheating and fraud, and with insecurity bringing hunger to more than half the country. The capital,...

Is Colonel Massi dead?

After weeks of speculation, the wife and political allies of politician-turned-rebel leader Colonel Charles Massi, 57, are convinced he is dead, on the instructions of Central Afri...

Many rivers to cross

President Bozizé is tipped to win the coming election, but much of the territory is beyond the control of his army

Cheered to the rafters at his Kwa Na Kwa (KNK) party congress at Mbaiki on 13 November, President François Bozizé, 63, declined to confirm that he would stand in next year's presid...

The rebel's return

With an armed attack on a police base in Batangafo, 390 kilometres north-west of Bangui, on 21-22 February, Abdoulaye Miskine relaunched the rebellion that he had abandoned in ear...

Dialogue of the deaf

Fighting starts again, renewing the involvement of France and Libya in a familiar, intractable conflict

Twelve government soldiers were killed on 13 November at Kabo in the north and the Central African Republic's long march towards peace halted again. The government of President Fra...

Delays in deployment

As fighting in Chad worsens, Lieutenant General Nash promises all EUFOR troops will be on the ground by mid-May

The European Force in Chad and Central African Republic (EUFOR Chad/CAR) is due to be deployed between March and May, to protect refugees from Sudan's Darfur region and internally ...

At last, a possible peace

Plagued by rebel factions and chronic political instability, President Bozizé may be ready to talk to his opponents

At last there is hope of negotiation to end one of Africa's least known calamities and the multiple rebellions against President François Bozizé's regime. Armed bandi...

There goes the party

Having lost his country, the exiled ex-President Ange-Félix Patassé is losing his party. At its general assembly on 4-6 June in Bangui, senior members of the Mouvement pour la Libé...

Displaying 61-70 out of 96 results.