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United States of America

Robert Bruce Zoellick

Date of Birth: 25 July 1953
Place of Birth: Naperville, Illinois

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The Vulcan has landed

There is little chance that staff will allow new President Robert Zoellick a honeymoon at the World Bank's lavish H Street headquarters in Washington DC...

Caught in the act

The idea of UN intervention has received a boost from the arrival of the US Deputy Secretary of State John Dimitri Negroponte (a former Ambassador to Iraq) after a hiatus following the departure of Robert Zoellick who with Benn helped to force through the DPA...

The Dutch diversion

Dangerous neutrality Many Sudanese bracketed him with other pro-engagement Westerners such as Britain's former Special Representative Alan Fletcher Goulty International Development Secretary Hilary Benn and United States' former Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick...

Spinning the continent

Earlier US Trade representative Robert Zoellick pointed at the EU and charged that African countries were refusing US food aid because of 'fabricated fears stoked by irresponsible rhetoric about food safety...

Displaying 31-35 out of 35 results.