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Aliko Dangote

Date of Birth: 10 April 1957
Place of Birth: Kano

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Row over adulterated fuel deepens

After decades of shortages and over-priced products many Nigerians has been hoping that this year's opening of the 600 000 b/d refinery by cement magnate Aliko Dangote's company would end the recurrent crises in Africa's biggest oil-producing economy...


Pandemic hit to growth and trade fuels instability

In other cases grand industrial projects were not enough to make a significant impact on growth – examples being Aliko Dangote's gargantuan oil refinery fertiliser and petrochemical plant in Nigeria and the Ethiopian government's agro-processing schemes (AC Vol 62 No 17 Energy law unsettles rentiers)...


Placing faith in future coal

Most outraged at the sudden move was Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote who had opened a large cement plant in Mtwara on government promises of cheap power (AC Vol 58 No 1 The power and the glory)...

Energy law unsettles rentiers

A lobby of oil traders have seized on proposals introduced by legislators that they say will unduly benefit Aliko Dangote Nigeria's wealthiest businessman...

Buhari goes to the market

The downstream sector also faces radical change with a deluge of new refineries due to start up over the next three years by billionaires Aliko Dangote and Abdul Rabiu fresh investment to rehabilitate the four domestic refineries and several other private sector-sponsored projects...

Displaying 1-10 out of 59 results.