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Paul Kagame

Date of Birth: 23 October 1957
Place of Birth: Ruhango

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Riyadh re-launches its Africa courtship

That could explain the presence in Riyadh of Eritrea's Issayas Afewerki and South Sudan's Salva Kiir in addition to regional heavyweights including Nigerian President Bola Tinubu Kenyan President William Ruto Rwanda's Paul Kagame and Ethiopian premier Abiy Ahmed...


Security threats multiply ahead of polls

In September President Paul Kagame named retired general James Kabarebe the architect of many Rwandan-backed rebellions in Congo-K as minister of regional cooperation as if to ram home the point that he acts with impunity...

Concerns mount over carbon credit deals

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame urged African governments to stop 'playing the victim' but the final Declaration on Climate Change repeated the dominant 'rich-countries-must-pay' discourse...

Kagame shakes up the army – just in case

President Paul Kagame frequently circulates his top brass to ensure no military commander builds up a faction of supporters who might challenge his hold on power...

Museveni's divide-and-rule master-class

In May Muhoozi selected Mao as part of a small team that accompanied him to Rwanda to attend the birthday dinner President Paul Kagame threw for him in Kigali (AC Vol 63 No 9 Muhoozi's coming out party)...

Tshisekedi gives away gold rights to UAE

Anti-Kigali sentiment is running high as President Tshisekedi accuses President Paul Kagame of backing the M23 militia partly to assist gold smuggling operations (AC Vol 63 No 14 Tshisekedi calls out Kagame on the M23 militia)...

Displaying 1-10 out of 343 results.