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Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri

Date of Birth: 1/01/1930
Place of Birth: Wad Nubawi district, Omdurman, near Khartoum
Died: 30/5/2009

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Unloved Hemeti under pressure

Hemeti made a speech after Eid prayers in which his praise for Sudan's former strongman Ja'afar Nimeiri was understood to be an implicit criticism of Burhan...

The securocrats get stronger

Abdel Ghani joined the Foreign Ministry in 1986 after President Ja'afar Nimeiri's overthrow in 1985's popular uprising and when the National Islamic Front was making final preparations for power...

One-way ticket

KTH with 2 500 employees and other state hospitals are being dismantled and sold off amid protests from medics and paramedics including the Doctors' Union which helped spearhead the uprising against President Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri's regime in 1985...

More presidential powers

Committee Chairman was Badriya Suleiman a force behind the late President Ja'afar Nimeiri's 1983 September Laws which launched a version of Sharia...

Cairo leans on Khartoum

He was interim head of state after the April 1985 Uprising against President Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri and handed over to an elected government...

September uprising

That reminded people of the successful Intifadah (uprising) against the late President Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri in 1985...

Displaying 1-10 out of 44 results.