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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Date of Birth: 7 October 1952
Place of Birth: Leningrad

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    Vol 62 No 20 |
  • MALI

Toxic relationship in the Sahel

However just now Mali offers a particularly interesting prospect for Russian President Vladimir Putin: a chance to re-establish Russia as a significant player in a region where France the European Union and the US have up to now exerted the most influence...

    Vol 62 No 19 |
  • MALI

The Wagner act

Wagner is widely believed to be a proxy for the Russian state and its boss business tycoon Yevgeny Prigozhin is close to President Vladimir Putin...

Hedging the Eagle and the Bear

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his prime minister have given their imprimatur to the agreement...

Touadéra tilts to Moscow, losing Western backing

A group of young Bangui social media 'geeks' is being trained by the Internet Research Agency owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin the Russian oligarch close to President Vladimir Putin who is linked to the Wagner Group private military contractor and to cyber-warfare...

Biden's balancing act

The Trump administration realised that trying to force Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan into line by making economic threats or imposing sanctions risked pushing him into Vladimir Putin's arms...

How Frelimo lost a province

Last November following agreements between President Filipe Nyusi and President Vladimir Putin at the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi in August the Russian private military contractor the Wagner Group came to Cabo Delgado and was soon in combat...

Displaying 51-60 out of 104 results.