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Kaïs Saïed

Date of Birth: 22 February 1958
Place of Birth: Tunis

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President Saïed picks a fight with the Fund

After a two-week absence from the public stage President Kaïs Saïed returned to the fray on 4 April with fresh condemnation of his opponents announcing that many were under investigation for 'contacts with foreign diplomats' and that he was dismissing several judges...


Brussels backs Italy's hard line on migration

That a deal with Tunisia remains on the EU's priority list despite President Kaïs Saïed's remarks in February that 'urgent measures' were needed to combat 'hordes of illegal migrants' from sub-Saharan Africa underscores the political importance that the EU has attached to migration control (Dispatches 28/2/23 AU calls President Saïed's complaints about African migrations 'racialised hate speech')...

Low turn-out saps Saïed

Pressure on President Kaïs Saïed to step down is mounting after a series of political reverses and stark evidence of his diminishing popularity the most recent of which was the abstention of 89% of the electorate in the second round of the parliamentary elections on 29 January (AC Vol 63 No 25 Apathy to greet polling day)...

Could a cold war turn hot?

In Tunisia President Kaïs Saïed is ruling alone but has a new deal with the IMF for a reform-orientated economic policy...

A new-look leader when elected in 2019 Kaïs Saïed is undoubtedly distanced from traditional Islamist and 'secular' political parties...

Government by chequebook

Relations between the GNU and Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed have been strained at times but the Tunisian economy is in dire straits and Dubaiba promised to pay US$250m owed to Tunisia for healthcare and other debts...

Displaying 1-10 out of 44 results.