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Amadou Koufa (Amadou Diallo)

Date of Birth: c. 1958
Place of Birth: Saraféré

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    Vol 62 No 14 |
  • MALI

Paris makes up with the junta

Elsewhere armed men belonging to Youssouf Toloba's Dogon militia Dan Na Ambassagou or Sékou Bolly's Fulani (or Peuhl) self-defence group or indeed the firebrand preacher Amadou Kouffa's Force de libération du Macina engaged in violent acts which have caused an estimated 700 000 Malians to flee their homes...

France holds tight in the Sahel

The Chadian troops will help to keep ISGS in check while Barkhane and the Malian army exploit the remaining dry months before the July to August rains to accelerate the campaign against JNIM and its affiliate Amadou Koufa's Macina katibat or Front de Libération du Macina in areas further west (AC Vol 62 No 2 Outstaying welcomes)...

    Vol 62 No 1 |
  • MALI

Bumps in the road ahead

Prime Minister Moctar Ouane has set out his plans to develop talks with some jihadist faction leaders following up on the initial overtures that President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta – deposed by army putschists in August – had already made towards Iyad ag Ghaly and Amadou Koufa of the Jama'at Nusrat al Islam wal Muslimin alliance (AC Vol 61 No 20 Colonels concede – but not much)...

Parties campaign as jihadists advance

The bodies of 180 of these civilians all male were found in mass graves around the northern town of Djibo home of Burkina Faso's home-grown jihadist group Ansaroul Islam which aligned itself later with Amadou Koufa's Front de Libération du Macina (AC Vol 58 No 6 More progress less movement)...

    Vol 61 No 14 |
  • MALI

Keïta clings on

Maïga cut off support for the commission that Dicko had set up to try to develop a dialogue with Mali's two most prominent homegrown jihadist chiefs Iyad ag Ghaly head of the Jama'a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin (JNIM) and Amadou Koufa who leads its central Malian subsidiary the Front de Libération du Macina (FLM – AC Vol 60 No 19 The talking cure)...

Crisis summit as insurgents head south

One is that of Dramane Sidibe also simply referred to as 'Hamza' a prominent lieutenant of Amadou Koufa the imam who leads the Front de libération du Macina (FLM) which is part of JNIM (AC Vol 60 No 8 Jihad's shifting fronts)...

    Vol 61 No 12 |
  • MALI

Keïta cornered

Dicko is not aligned with the homegrown jihadist chiefs Iyad ag Ghaly and Amadou Koufa but he does favour talks with them – a strategy Keïta is now trying to pursue (AC Vol 61 No 4 Terrorists at the table)...

    Vol 61 No 4 |
  • MALI

Terrorists at the table

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta says his envoy Dioncounda Traoré had his full authority to initiate talks with jihadist chiefs Iyad ag Ghaly and Amadou Koufa – after years of government insistence there would be no negotiation with terrorists (AC Vol 61 No 1 Advantage jihadists)...

    Vol 61 No 3 |
  • MALI

Putschist walks free

Meanwhile the special envoy for central Mali former interim head of state Dioncounda Traoré says he has put out feelers to the jihadist leaders Amadou Koufa and Iyad ag Ghaly alarming his Western collaborators...

Displaying 1-10 out of 18 results.