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Choguel Kokalla Maïga

Date of Birth: 2 April 1958
Place of Birth: Tabango, Mali

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    Vol 64 No 18 |
  • MALI

As Bamako pushes out the UN, Islamists seize new opportunities

Transitional head of state Col Goïta and prime minister Choguel Maïga show little interest in fully implementing the Algiers deal – under which the five northern regions should benefit from a well-resourced decentralisation in return for dropping calls for an independent Azawad state (AC Vol 64 No 5 A junta that's going nowhere)...

    Vol 64 No 15 |
  • MALI

Not much power to the people

But it fell to the to the ever-obliging Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maïga to administer the coup de grâce to Traoré's career shortly after the latter's resignation...

    Vol 64 No 5 |
  • MALI

A junta that's going nowhere

Insecurity is so bad there that Prime Minister Choguel Maïga had to hastily cancel a carefully choreographed visit to the towns of Bourem and Ansongho on 20 and 21 February which was designed to prove that all of Mali was now accessible...

Anti-jihad forces try to do without Mali

PM missing in action The angry often stormy Malian Prime Minister Choguel Maïga has disappeared from public view without explanation sparking wide speculation...

Choguel Maïga seemed to suit the prickly style of Col Assimi Goïta who appointed him after staging a second coup to dispose of a civilian transitional administration he thought was too accommodating to the West...

    Vol 63 No 10 |
  • MALI

Bamako's junta forces hard choices

Prospects for the deployment of an AU force are not helped by difficult relations between Bamako and Ecowas which has imposed tough sanctions to pressure Goïta and his prime minister Choguel Maïga into agreeing to a shorter transition to democracy...

Macronisme on trial – at home and abroad

Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum welcomed the cut which was condemned by Mali's Prime Minister Choguel Maïga as 'abandonment in mid-flight' after which France and other EU states pulled Barkhane and Takuba out of from Mali as trust was lost (AC Vol 63 No 4 France moves out of Mali)...

    Vol 63 No 7 |
  • MALI

Goïta's junta cracks down mercilessly

In late 2021 Issa Kaou Djim was stripped of his position as fourth vice-president of the Conseil national de transition given a suspended six-month prison sentence and fined 500 000 CFA francs after he criticised Prime Minister Choguel Maïga on social media...

Sectarian killings surge as French troops leave

But the abrasive Choguel Maïga the current premier has fiercely criticised the Algiers deal chafing at the Mali army's absence from Kidal the historic centre of secessionist fighters (AC Vol 62 No 14 Paris makes up with the junta)...

Danger looms for the UN in Mali

In front of diplomats in February Prime Minister Choguel Maïga accused Minusma of using aircraft to spy on FAMA bases (AC Vol 62 No 20 Toxic relationship in the Sahel)...

Buoyed by apparent gains made by the Forces Armées Maliennes (FAMA the armed forces) and Wagner elements in recent months in central Mali Prime Minister Choguel Maïga has in recent weeks lauded the growing strength of the national forces...

Alliances come under heavy fire

Mali's ties with Moscow date back to the authoritarian Moussa Traoré presidency and have been continued by the current prime minister Choguel Maïga a vocal critic of France and defender of security ties with Russia...


Displaying 1-10 out of 25 results.