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John Pombe Magufuli

Date of Birth: 29/10/1959
Place of Birth: Chato District, Geita, Tanganyika (Tanzania)

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Lowassa plans his comeback

The Minister of Works, John Magufuli, is respected for his capacity to master a brief and his direct approach to getting things done...

The battle to succeed Kikwete

Other hats heading for the presidential ring include the Works Minister, John Magufuli; former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye, who could count on the support of both CCM factions; and Information, Youth and Sports Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi...

In deep water

On 7 July, Tanzanian Fisheries Minister John Magufuli cancelled all of its deep sea fishing licenses on 7 July and announced that the Tanzania People's Defence Forces would begin patrolling missions to target the Asian and European illegal trawlers...

Troubled isles

John Magufuli, an articulate, hardworking ex-engineer, has performed well in the difficult Ministry for Works...

Multi-party, single party

Other contenders include Professor Mark Mwandosya, Transport and Communications Minister and discredited by a rail disaster in which 280 people died on 24 June; and Works Minister John Magufuli...

Displaying 31-35 out of 35 results.