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Finance needed before UN police mission, say ministers

Plans to deploy personnel to tackle gang violence in Haiti have been held up in the courts and by a lack of funding for training

The mission in which 1,000 Kenyan police officers would lead a UN multinational deployment in Haiti appear are being held up by disputes over funding and training, ministers in Nairobi.

In July, President William Ruto's government offered to train and assist the Haitian National Police in the Caribbean state's battle against criminal gangs (AC Vol 64 No 16,K enyan cops vs Haitian gangs). More than 1,200 killings and 701 kidnappings were reported across Haiti between July and September, while 200,000 people have been displaced by gang violence. The move was welcomed by the Haitian government and approved by the UN Security Council in October.

Last week, Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki told the National Assembly's Committee on Administration and Internal Security that 'unless all resources are mobilised and availed, our troops will not leave the country.'

The United States government has announced a funding pledge of $100 million, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin praising Kenya's 'great example' on a recent visit to Nairobi. Meanwhile, Canada had also pledged technical support. However, it is not clear when those funds, and others, will be made available.

In October, meanwhile, a court order blocked the deployment pending the outcome of a legal challenge brought by opposition politicians that Kenya's constitution does not allow police officers to be deployed outside the country. The High Court in Nairobi is expected to deliver a final judgement later this week.

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