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The coup d'état as get-out-of-jail card

Unresolved investigations into the diversion of over $125 million of the defence budget may explain why the generals overthrew President Bazoum

Looming in the background of the Niger coup is the role played by the biggest procurement scandal in the country's history – the diversion of nearly half the defence budget i...

A coup foretold but not averted

Facing harsh sanctions and military action by the Economic Community of West African States the junta is cracking down on its domestic foes

The political class in Niamey and sundry intelligence sources had been speculating about the possibility of President Mohamed Bazoum's overthrow for months. There had been grumblin...


Cost of a coup

As General Abdourahamane Tchiani's putsch raises security concerns for Niger's neighbours, western governments and companies are assessing the risk to the operations. France's nucl...

Bio wanted more brio

As Julius Maada Bio reshapes his government in the wake of the disputed results of the 24 June election giving him a second term, his new team is dealing with the fall-out: both th...

Brewing up a legal storm

One of São Tomé's most important businesses, the Rosema brewery, is once again a bone of contention between politically influential local business owners Domingos 'Ni...

    Vol 64 No 15 |
  • MALI

Not much power to the people

State electricity utility Énergie du Mali is a crucible for political rivalries  and the sacking of its boss highlights a split  in the junta's ranks

As early as March, 'la canicule' (the heatwave) is at work, with temperatures peaking above 40 degrees Celsius until June, and with it demand for electricity for air-conditioning. ...

Naira politics rules – but the pace picks up

Federal lawmakers jostle to run the most lucrative committees in Abuja as accountability plummets

Nigerians are eagerly waiting to see President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's choice of ministers, likely to be announced in the next days, but he has already made many of key decisions that ...

    Vol 64 No 14 |
  • MALI

Did Moscow hotline end the UN mission?

The mercenary Wagner group will be the main beneficiary as international peacekeepers prepare to quit and jihadists step up attacks

Malian junta leader Col Assimi Goïta pronounced himself 'very satisfied' on his Twitter account following a lengthy phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 14 June...

No last stand

Surprised relief greeted President Macky Sall's 3 July announcement that he will not seek a third term in next February's election – after months of insisting that he had the...

Displaying 61-70 out of 2288 results.