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Trading favours

A trade deal between Nairobi and Washington appears to make political and economic sense for both sides but critics see dangers for Kenyatta

President Donald Trump has used his presidency to launch trade wars against China, the European Union and his North American Free Trade Association partners. His government has blo...

Africa tries to keep up

The continent risks being left behind as global powers make deals. An African Free Trade Area might help but looks unlikely

The World Trade Organisation made its first trip to Sub-Saharan Africa in its 20-year history last month and considering how few good results it has had recently, the Tenth WTO Min...

The bonus culture

Payments by oil and mineral companies to ensure that governments sign on the dotted line are not always what they seem

New or renewed deals to explore for or produce minerals must be licensed by governments. When deals are signed, companies expect to hand over a bonus or other upfront payment to sh...

A failing finale

The year of Africa's big economic push is ending with bad tempered negotiations in China

African governments wanted the World Trade Organisation's ministerial meeting in Hong Kong on 13-18 December to cut rich-country subsidies on cotton, rice and sugar, while those ri...

Not so sweet

African sugar-producing members of the 78-member African-Caribbean-Pacific group are threatened by the European Union's attempts to liberalise its sugar industry, which it has long...

Capital calls

A row about investment rules is likely to spill into the World Trade Organisation' s first ministerial meeting in Singapore on 9-13 December. Successor organisation to the General ...

Mad meat

There is growing concern among African officials about the row over Britain's 'mad cow disease' (BSE) and its effect on the region's meat trade. As soon as the European Union impos...

Displaying 1-9 out of 9 results.