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The Hague’s unexpected guest

What lies behind the arrival of Paul Gicheru at the ICC after years defying an arrest warrant for alleged witness-tampering?

Weeks after Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru handed himself in to the International Criminal Court to face witness-tampering charges, the speed with which he has been processed through t...

'Afrexit' on hold

Member states rallied round at the Hague to defend the Court against political attacks

What did not happen at the International Criminal Court's Assembly of State Parties meeting in the Hague on 16-24 November was as important as what did. No new withdrawals followed...

ICC murder mystery

Much confusion surrounds the abduction and apparent murder of a witness in the ICC trial of William Ruto and Joshua Sang

The hurried burial at sunset on 22 January of a corpse said to be that of Yusuf Hussein, a 25-year-old matatu (minibus) conductor, has deepened the mystery surrounding the apparent...

How the case was won

The government’s obstruction of the ICC and intimidation of witnesses fatally undermined the Kenyatta prosecution

Ultimately, it was a combination of failings by the International Criminal Court prosecutors and the government's non-cooperation that resulted in the dropping of the case against ...

ICC tries more with less

More crimes are coming into its remit but the ICC’s budget is falling

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, will soon decide whether to begin a formal inquiry into human rights abuses by jihadists in the Sahel. In July, ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.