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Noisy neighbours

The public health emergency and the economic meltdown are deepening the dependence of South Africa's neighbours on the region's dominant power

Trying to manage the biggest Covid-19 outbreak in Africa as well as rebuilding the economy and institutions after the disastrous presidency of Jacob Zuma add up to South Africa's b...

A new landscape unfolds

Changes in South African politics will reverberate across the region in a year of economic tumult

SOUTH AFRICA: Mosiuoa 'Terror' Lekota's COPE takes on Zuma and the ANC With general elections coming up and the world recession pressing down, South Africa faces a new political s...

Power crisis

The lights are going out all over Southern Africa. It is the first really big mistake in post-apartheid South Africa's economic management and one of the most far-reaching. The bla...

Political hurdles ahead

Open warfare in South Africa’s ANC and a groundbreaking party of ZANU-PF dissidents in Zimbabwe promise a year of upsets

Bruised by its first bitter leadership contest, South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) faced yet more turmoil as its new leader, Jacob Zuma, was formally served w...

Succession sagas

President Thabo Mbeki is trying to organise an orderly transfer of power unlike his counterparts in Angola and Zimbabwe

The ruling African National Congress’s choice of a successor to President Thabo Mbeki will dominate South African politics this year. In December 2007, the ANC holds its five-year...

Trials and tribulations

Ambitious politicians and their supporters do battle with the judiciary

SOUTH AFRICA: The political caravan starts with the trial of sacked Deputy President Jacob Zuma on rape charges in February, immediately followed by local government elections in M...

Pan-Africanism meets market economics

Incessant diplomatic shuffling and economic muscle will make South Africa the continent's capital this year

South Africa's omnipresence in the continent's diplomatic and economic initiatives in 2005 will be paralleled by the African National Congress's dominance of national politics. Thi...

Ten years after

South Africans will celebrate a decade of democracy but ask tough questions about their government's HIV-AIDS policy and diplomacy in Africa

South Africa will host Africa's biggest celebration this year, the tenth anniversary of the demise of the apartheid government. Yet South Africans also suffer the terrible tragedy ...

Succession issues

As President Thabo Mbeki heads for another term, other regional leaders aim to join him

In the run up to the 2004 elections, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki has consolidated his grip on the governing African National Congress and its policy-making bodies. His mix...

Displaying 1-10 out of 16 results.