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Keeping aid in the family

Sweden plans to compensate private companies which lost money on contracts with Ukraine because of the war out of its overseas aid budget, Norway's Development Today reports. The c...

Rich countries boost aid – to themselves

Helping Ukrainian refugees has driven a surge in aid spending – mostly at the expense of hard-hit African economies

African states have felt the pain of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the form of shortages and higher prices for wheat, grain and agricultural inputs, and above all energy prices. ...


Rich countries put a price on their delayed vaccine programmes

After failing to back the IMF's $50 billion vaccine plan, G20 countries are trying to make their aid programmes look more generous

Successive attempts to get the rich countries of the G7 and G20 to agree on a plan to vaccinate most of the world against Covid-19 have ended in acrimony this year with the biggest...


From debt to aid

Members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in April that they would 'strive to protect aid budgets' in the wake of Covid-19. Many civil society acti...

Whose cure is it anyway?

Industrialised countries are defending funding research to find a vaccine for Covid-19 out of Official Development Assistance funds against a possible challenge from the Organisati...

    Vol 60 No 7 |
  • AID

Donors' aid parade

Official Development Assistance, the UN says, should be around 0.7% of gross national income, but many nations want to include within it items not normally considered 'aid' at all,...

    Vol 59 No 8 |
  • AID

Cooking the books

Development aid to the world's poorest countries fell by 0.6% in 2017. That, at least, was the headline figure published on 9 April by the Development Assistance Committee at the P...

Whose aid is it anyway?

Britain is leading the charge to redefine aid to include spending on the military and migration controls as well as subsidies to business

As Western countries shuffle their aid budgets, their officials are arguing about where the axe should fall and how to maintain diplomatic leverage. Diplomats have worked out that ...

Gunning for aid

The European Commission proposes to allow development aid to fund the military in developing countries, though only 'in exceptional circumstances'. This is part of a trend to reduc...

Donors stop donating

The aid party is over. Industrialised countries are reducing their spending and postponing their promises

The message from the United Nations Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last July could not have been clearer. At the summit, tasked with agreeing on how ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.