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Cover-up in UN murders

Protests have thwarted the government’s efforts to quash interest in the 2017 murder of UN experts

Prominent Congolese journalist Sosthène Kambidi was conditionally freed on 12 October after three weeks in custody, with earlier charges from a military prosecutor of conspi...

Gabon ires fellow Africans at the UN

A bitter dispute between African Union members over a non-permanent seat on the Security Council has broken into the open 

Furious argument has erupted over the normally placid elections by the UN General Assembly for one of the two non-permanent seats reserved for African countries on the UN Security ...

Tunisia pushes for peace

A third attempt to get the UN Security Council to declare the coronavirus pandemic a 'threat to humanity and international peace and security' and coordinate the necessary emergenc...

Piling on the goals

Amid the back slapping, the big summit in New York may change the balance of power in the aid industry

Legend has it that in 2001, a handful of officials in the basement of the United Nations Headquarters in New York hatched the Millennium Development Goals. They have focused the mi...

Rape row

A diplomatic row has erupted over the failure of the United Nations and African Union to investigate reports that Sudanese troops and allied militia raped some 200 women and childr...

Displaying 11-20 out of 52 results.