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The fire this century

Demonstrations, rhetoric and technological innovation in Africa all help but the political will is missing in negotiations for a new climate treaty

At least it started well. Three days before the world's leaders gathered on 23 September at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to debate the urgent measures needed to stop...

Security crises threaten economic success

A new model for intervention forces emerges in Congo-Kinshasa, as financial pressures mount on other UN operations

A team of ambassadors from the United Nations Security Council flew from New York to Congo-Kinshasa, just as the season of UN General Assembly debates and high-level meetings was e...

Mission impossible

The UN Security Council renews its peacekeepers’ mandate in Darfur but UN operations in Sudan have failed to protect civilians or prevent war

The worsening political crises in Juba and Khartoum are fuelling hostilities between the two capitals. When South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit sacked his cabinet on ...

Rebels aim for Kivu secession

Rwanda not only supports the M23 rebellion, it may be helping create a new state on its border with Congo

After a protracted delay and much discussion, at the end of June the United Nations finally published its investigation into Rwandan involvement in the rebellion in eastern Congo-K...

UN clash over Beijing bullets claim

UN experts’ reports differ over Darfur arms violations

A seismic diplomatic row is rumbling at United Nations headquarters in New York over the circulation of a damning report by former UN experts pointing to the supply of Chinese-made...

Nigeria and South Africa stand up

This year, for the first time, Africa’s two heavyweights, Nigeria and South Africa, were on the United Nations Security Council and both wanted to make their mark. The verdict is m...

The Experts win support

Resisting pressure to overlook those breaking the arms embargo, the UNSC’s reaction to a hard-hitting investigation is suprisingly robust

The United Nations Security Council has resisted heavy pressure to reject the hard-hitting UN Panel of Experts' Report(i) on violations, by African and Western states, of the embar...

Changes ahead for UN forces

Africa's crises may prompt radical reform of the mandates and structures of peacekeeping operations

United Nations' peacekeeping faces its biggest crisis since it started some 60 years ago in Palestine. This month, over a million lives are at risk in Congo-Kinshasa as rival facti...

Financial and political chaos

As equities and corporate fortunes plummeted outside, diplomats discussed aid pledges and peackeeping

After a year of the worsening credit crisis, the cost of external finance for African and other states has risen and the availability of credit is shrinking. That is doubly unlucky...

Displaying 21-30 out of 52 results.