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The net widens

Officials in Abuja are intensifying a probe into commissions of more than US$180 million on a gas export plant following Africa Confidential's report last month that Nigeria's bigg...

The East needs oil

Higher oil prices are helping Africa's producers and punishing its consumers

With its eyes fixed on Iraq, the United States has done little to diversify its sources of crude oil, despite some proposals that were bandied around a couple of years ago (AC Vol ...

Work with sanctions

Business people keen to circumvent sanctions' should indeed, as we predicted, flock to a British government sponsored oil conference called 'Working with sanctions'

Sanctions no problem

Business people keen to circumvent sanctions should flock to a British-government sponsored conference in London on 26-27 November. 'Working with Sanctions' promises 'new market op...

Risky money

Oil companies meet human rights and political challenges in Africa's new fields

The oil majors, nervous about the Arabian Gulf, see big opportunities in Africa (AC Vol 43 No 5). Yet global recession and new political pressures present them with huge difficulti...

African energy

Western concerns about instability in the Middle East send oil companies south

The United States and its allies have discovered Africa again. After 11 September, and with the Middle East on the boil, African oil and gas encourage Western powers to believe the...

Totally elfin

The company which dominated many African economies may soon be transformed

For many years, the oil company Elf Aquitaine provided the motive, and the excuse, for French policies in Africa. It was founded by President Charles de Gaulle during decolonisatio...

Clearing out

Uncertainties about General Abacha's health have prompted a rush for oil profits

Nobody knows whether General Sani Abacha will take off his uniform and try to win an election as his own civilian successor in August 1998. Moreover, he may be suffering (depending...

Going with the flow

West Africa is becoming the most important region for oil exports after the Middle East and is beginning to exploit its gas

Exports of crude oil from Sub-Saharan Africa are set to grow fast in the next few years. Production was just under 3.5 million barrels a day in 1996; capacity in the year 2000 will...

Displaying 31-39 out of 39 results.