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Frontier market

Fund managers are keeping one eye on the global market twitches and another on some of Africa’s rockier political systems as they try to assess news risk in 2008. For the last five...

Trade: Choosing China

East African countries have voted to abandon the EU's latest trade deals

The European Union’s Africa policy is in a shambles after the diplomatic disaster of the Economic Partnership Agreements, the multilateral trade accords which so many African state...

A softer landing in the East

Asia's more buoyant economies could help cushion the effects of the West's credit crunch on Africa

If Asia's economic growth has offered African exporters a fast-growing and lucrative market and its hyper-economies - China and India - have become important sources of investmen...

The markets react

African economies may not be hit by the economic crisis in the West

Chaos in Western-dominated capital and money markets has spared Africa so far. Many economists believe that Africa might be largely insulated from the first wave of damage from the...

Less blood on the stones

Blood diamonds are no longer a main concern for Africa's diamond industry. A reputation for fuelling conflict is no longer a big obstacle to sales, according to the 47 delegates, r...

Putting the country to work

The new grand industrial strategy is the most important economic initiative since GEAR

After many years of debate among politicians, business and unions, the draft of a grand industrial strategy for South Africa has emerged in time for the party conference in Decembe...

Unity on a smaller scale

The newly enlarged East African Community contains just under Nigeria's population, with only half of its GDP.

The East African Community has formally welcomed Burundi and Rwanda, which signed the accession treaty on 18 June. Yet the entry of two small, poor, landlocked, Francophone countri...

Books on the boom

Africa's oil boom has inspired three very different books, which investigate the links between the billions of petrodollars and the persistent poverty and oppression reigning in so many oil-rich states.

Africa produces far less than the Middle East: around 2.6 million barrels a day from Nigeria and close to 2 mn. b/d from Angola by the end of 2008, compared to Saudi Arabia's 9 mn....

The clock turns back

He came to power in 2005 with a reputation as a nationalist bruiser with hardline views and a dubious past of Marxist policies and human rights abuses. Since then, President Armand...

Displaying 61-70 out of 86 results.