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The East takes on the South

The new team of Eurocrats has little experience of Africa and may be surprised by what it finds

A new European Commission was named on 17 November and most of its members who will deal with African affairs are from countries with no ties to the continent. The Commission Presi...

Banana skin

A row is growing between the African-Caribbean-Pacific countries and the European Union. On 29 May, ACP trade ministers accused the EU of sacrificing development to commerce. They ...

Ghana's chance

Ghana's Ambassador in Brussels, Nana Berna Kumi, is leading in an increasingly hard fought battle there for the post of Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Gro...

Hotel Hellacious

A public relations jamboree in Khartoum on 10-13 March tried to persuade European politicians and businesses that they are missing out on billions of petrodollars because of Wester...

Delays in deployment

As fighting in Chad worsens, Lieutenant General Nash promises all EUFOR troops will be on the ground by mid-May

The European Force in Chad and Central African Republic (EUFOR Chad/CAR) is due to be deployed between March and May, to protect refugees from Sudan's Darfur region and internally ...

Father and son

Congolese know about dynasties. Incumbent President Joseph Kabila is the son of his assassinated predecessor, Laurent Désirée Kabila, and the political scene in Kinshasa is peppere...

Trading places

There is no agreement on revising Europe’s trade deal with Africa, so an agreement may be imposed

African, Caribbean and Pacific states are trying to negotiate new cooperation agreements by the end of the year with the European Union, but the lengthy negotiations are going badl...

Displaying 41-50 out of 65 results.