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Cooking up those raw materials

European companies want cheaper raw materials and propose ways of getting them from Africa

European policy-makers are anxious to safeguard the supply of raw materials to their industries and the European Union has just presented guidelines for a ‘raw materials diplomacy’...

Approaching the summit

The first big question for the European Union-Africa summit in Tripoli on 29-30 November is who will be there. By convention, the Libyan hosts choose their guests. The EU had hoped...

Trade talk troubles

The EU’s obstinacy over trade concessions to Africa is encouraging frustrated governments to turn increasingly to Asia

The partners are not equal in the negotiations for Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) on ‘free trade’ between the European Union and the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)...

Pushing Europe towards African farms

Strong criticism has been levelled at European Union and Western companies for failing to match the pace of Asian investment in African agriculture. A new report published in Londo...

Complex architecture but no deal

Africa is larger, politically more varied and much poorer than the island states that constitute its colleagues in the African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) group. Like them, its relatio...

Buttering up Zuma

In trying to sort out its relations with Africa, Brussels takes care to befriend its main trading partner on the continent

South Africa is the European Union's leading trade partner in Africa and the 27 EU countries form its most important trading bloc. Both parties are well aware of the changing balan...

The East takes on the South

The new team of Eurocrats has little experience of Africa and may be surprised by what it finds

A new European Commission was named on 17 November and most of its members who will deal with African affairs are from countries with no ties to the continent. The Commission Presi...

Displaying 51-60 out of 82 results.