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A battle for regional control

Clashes between jihadist groups are increasing as they seek to strengthen their territorial control

Jama'a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin' (JNIM), the Sahel's largest jihadist umbrella alliance, is under pressure from an aggressive fightback by Islamic State in the Greater Sahara...

Resurrecting the 'Russosphere'

The spike in pro-Russian sentiment in the Sahel has been linked to an obscure Belgian activist, Luc Michel. Describing himself as a 'Stalinist', Michel, 65, founded a Belgian versi...

Bamako's wolf warrior diplomacy backfires

Foreign Minister Diop's attacks on France and peacekeepers meets sceptical silence at UN Security Council

After accusing France of supporting Islamist militia groups at a UN Security Council meeting on 18 October, Bamako's foreign minister Abdoulaye Diop dialled down the rhetoric five ...

Anti-jihad forces try to do without Mali

Mali has opted out, so other Sahelian states are trying to cooperate militarily to fill a vacuum in which the jihadists are thriving

New alliances are being reinforced by states on the front line against jihad to make up for Mali's decision to go it alone and expel France and its advanced military resources. Nig...

Goïta plays to his nationalist gallery

The regime in Bamako raised hopes by promising elections, but then stoked a new crisis with the UN peacekeeping force

Hardly had it been announced that West African leaders were lifting sanctions against Mali's military regime, when a new crisis flared, as the authorities arrested 49 Ivorian soldi...

Disjointed force

The demise of the G5 Sahel Joint Force looks imminent, according to authoritative sources. The force always had a slight presence in the anti-jihadist campaign in the Sahel, and it...

Danger looms for the UN in Mali

The future of the UN peacekeeping mission is in question – European troops are leaving and evidence is emerging of abuses by the national army and Wagner

A cloud of anxiety hangs over the leaders of the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali as they navigate a hostile military government, tumultuous developments in the Sahel and the geopol...

Terrorisme sans frontières

The relocation of European troops from Mali to Niger holds political risks for President Bazoum but may avert a wider security breakdown

Geography helps explain why President Mohamed Bazoum overcame his initial reluctance to host European and French troops after they were expelled from Mali this month. Bazoum unders...

France moves out of Mali

European governments are rethinking military plans in the Sahel ahead of the grand summit between the African Union and the EU

African and European officials have agreed to move the centre for counter-insurgency operations in the Sahel from Mali to Niger but questions remain about how to manage the logisti...

Displaying 1-10 out of 41 results.