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Shine on you crazy diamond

The diamond mines have been closely guarded by the Angolan elite and a Chinese company is set to make its first investment in Angola’s precious stones

The ownership and control of the multi-billion-dollar China Sonangol joint venture continue to baffle business people in Luanda. Ask officials from Beijing about China Sonangol and...

Station to station

Asian rail builders are changing Africa's economic geography but concerns about transparency and corruption are paramount

Africa’s second railway boom is under way. The first was driven by Europe’s colonial powers, who needed to tranport ore, tea, coffee and other goods from the interior to the po...

Riding the rails

Asian-backed railway projects in Africa are linking economic zones and population centres to transform the continent's economy. Africa-Asia Confidential maps out the infrastructure boom.

Beijing and Delhi change tack

The crisis in Libya is exposing foreign policy contradictions across the world – including among Asia’s rising powers

China and India, like many Western and African states, have torn up their diplomatic rule books as the crisis in Libya moves from revolution to civil war. First to go was Beijing’s...

Solid foundations

Chinese traders in Tripoli are watching closely to see how the Western-led attacks on Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi’s regime will affect business in the short term. South Korean and C...

Road builders

Japan and China both want to get their hands on Malawi’s transport infrastructure. The Chinese are building roads, while the Japanese announced in February their US$18 million reha...

It’s mine

Asian mining companies, from India’s state-owned giants to the opaque China International Fund, are taking up their positions for Mozambique’s great mining rush. The Indian governm...

South-south support

From Jakarta to Hanoi, Asia’s smaller powers are all building their diplomatic and trade ties with Africa’s emerging economies

North Africa is the prime diplomatic and investment destination for Muslim countries from Southeast Asia like Indonesia. Egypt’s Trade Representation Authority reported that bilate...

Displaying 51-60 out of 105 results.