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The battle for the Indian Ocean

Competition for strategic advantage in the world’s most important shipping lanes draws Africa and Asia into a regional stand-off

For the next few decades, the Indian Ocean will be the setting for competition between three great powers: the United States adjusting to an increasingly multipolar world, and th...

Somalia tests maritime solidarity

The international anti-piracy mission off the coast of Somalia is the type of cooperative mission that the United States sees as helpful to reduce the strain on its overstretched m...

Washington adjusts to the Chinindia factor

China sees India more as a stumbling block than a competitor for its ambitions in Asia. Professor Han Hua, a South Asia specialist at Beijing University, said that China lacks 'a...

Bank East

Mugabe's multi-million dollar property in Hong Kong is just one part of growing financial links between Zimbabwe's ruling clique and Asia

Asia is an attractive destination for the property and financial portfolios of the senior cadres of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. It is extremely profitable,...

Banking on secrecy

Finance ministers will come under heavy pressure at the G-20 meeting on 2 April in London to crack down on tax havens and the banking secrecy regimes that have facilitated so much ...

New forces in the arms bazaar

Fast-growing economies in Asia are challenging Western dominance of the war business in Africa

Asian states buy, sell and invest in Africa and their military dealings are growing too. The global arms trade is dominated by the United States, Western Europe and Russia, but s...

Pirates of the Red Sea

India has ambitious plans to coordinate maritime security across the Indian Ocean

Asia’s navies are planning tougher action to combat the menace of piracy along Somalia’s coastline and in the Red Sea region. The well-organised pirates have targeted Asian ships b...

In deep water

African states are at last taking action against the clandestine trawlers pillaging their fishing stocks

Members of the Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa have committed themselves towards the establishment of a multinational coastguard service to patrol the largely ung...

Washington, Beijing or African consensus?

Those African regimes seeking to emulate the Chinese model should remember that real development starts at home, argues Senegalese writer Adama Gaye

Sports and politics rhymed perfectly as the organisation of the Beijing Olympics confirmed China's global rise. And the impressive harvest of medals won by China's athletes lends...

Displaying 81-90 out of 105 results.