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Contract Cavalcade

The last few months have seen a sharp increase in Asian involvement in North Africa

Asian companies are making headway in North Africa. In April, South Korea's Daewoo Engineering emerged as the preferential bidder on a US$650 million town project, complete with r...

Two continents, one food crisis

China, India and Korea are taking the lead in efforts to boost Africa's farm production, while preventing grain exports to the region

Africans depend heavily on imported food, and the World Bank estimates that world food prices rose by 58% between March 2007 and March 2008. Moreover, several important food-expo...

How Africa could feed itself... And Asia too

Asian money and know-how could help Africa become the breadbasket of half the world

The veteran environmentalist Lester Brown asked in the mid-1990s: 'Who will feed China?' The answer is that the Chinese hope to, thanks to more fertiliser, better seeds and genetic...

Single-minded politics

Smaller Asian states are expanding relations with Africa, in the wake of China and India

A visit from North Korea's elite and reculsive leadership is rare for any region, especially Africa. On 18 March Kim Yong-nam, President of the Supreme People's Assembly and North ...

Asia’s pills for Africa’s ills

Asia’s pharmaceutical companies want to expand their African presence but must tackle distribution and fraud problems first

The pharmaceutical landscape in Africa has changed dramatically in the last decade. From a largely European import base complemented by nascent but often problematic indigenous man...

How to spend it

Asian funds offer a source of credit to Africa and companies there

Debate in Europe and the United States over the power of Asia’s sovereign wealth funds has increased sharply in the wake of the current subprime mortgage crisis. Such fund...

Quiet on the eastern front

A diplomatic silence from across the Indian Ocean is helping the Kibaki government play down the election crisis

As Western governments consider placing sanctions on Kenyan leader Mwai Kibaki and his ministers for refusing to negotiate over the disputed elections, Asian states have maintained...

Another chance for Asia

Indian and South Korean companies are joining their Chinese counterparts in the rush for Congo’s resources.

As well as announcing new deals on mining and infrastructure development, Chinese companies are also moving into Congo’s much depleted agriculture sector. Palm oil is the ...

The great building race

China now has the biggest market share of Africa’s fast-growing construction sector as the demand for energy and transport booms

Chinese construction companies are sprinting ahead of their Western rivals to secure the biggest state contracts and expand their market share in Africa’s new building boom...

Displaying 91-100 out of 105 results.