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Population: 1.41bn
GDP: $18.53trn
Debt: 88.6% of GDP (2024)

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No bail-out on offer from Beijing

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has been wooing North Africa but his help doesn't extend to financial rescue packages

For President Kaïs Saïed's beleaguered and cash-strapped government, foreign interest – especially outside the usual suspects in the European Union – is regar...

Cave-in hits bitcoin miners

Up to 60 Chinese nationals, along with an undisclosed number of Libyans, were arrested in western Libya last month when police discovered major illegal Bitcoin-mining operations.

Beijing pushes back on debt

An interview by Beijing-aligned newspaper guancha.cn with Professor Tang Xiaoyang, a top development economist in China, has spelt out official thinking about debt restructuring as...


Beijing turns table on debt trap diplomacy claims

On his January swing through Africa, China's new foreign minister has scored with subtle diplomacy, dropping the wolf warrior tactics favoured by some of his colleagues

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang's remarks that multilateral lenders and commercial creditors should carry the biggest blame for the debt distress of some African states comes as ...


Beijing turns around on debt

China's decision to waive repayment of 23 interest-free loans owed by 17 African countries and redirect $10 billion of its International Monetary Fund (IMF) reserves to the contine...

Inside the mining mega deal

Touted as a new development model, the 'deal of the century' set a terrible example on corruption

A scholar who delivers lectures on doing business in Africa has emerged as the lynchpin of a massive bribery scandal drawing in Chinese business magnates and some of its largest co...

Displaying 1-10 out of 487 results.