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Population: 1.39 bn.
GDP: $12.24 trn.
Debt: $1.71 trn.

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The railway’s coming

Work will begin soon on the long-awaited new Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway. The two governments and their Chinese contractors are creating a US$1.5-billion trade corridor from Addis A...

Containers of corruption

The government of West Africa’s leading narco-state remains tight-lipped about a corruption case involving three officials of the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry who were ar...

    Vol 5 (AAC) No 5 |

Wang Shenyang

Director, Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Commerce Ministry, China

Wang Shenyang led a group to Libya in February to review the remains of Chinese projects and determine what could be salvaged. Chinese companies had some US$20 billion in housing...

    Vol 5 (AAC) No 5 |

Sun Yusheng

Vice-President, China Central Television

In January, China’s state broadcaster CCTV opened a studio in Nairobi, Kenya, taking the ‘win-win’ relationship to the airwaves. CCTV Vice-President Sun Yusheng, a man with solid j...

Workers safe but oil at risk

Oil rows and workers caught in the crossfire force Beijing to develop political and military tools to accompany its ever-growing economic muscle

Sudan and South Sudan are dragging a reluctant China into their smouldering relations at a time when both sides say the situation is on the brink of open armed conflict. Beijing’s ...

Oil flows eastward

Tension in Sudan and South Sudan boosts the Kenyan backers of the Lamu port and corridor projects. South Sudanese officials had already been in talks to join their planned pipeline...

China loses Bélinga

After four years of tough renegotiations, China’s deal of the century is finally cancelled

Australia's BHP Billiton has won the rights to the US$5 billion Bélinga iron ore project from China Machinery Engineering Corporation. BHP and the Gabonese Mining Ministry agreed a...

Illegal loggers taken to task

Gabon’s government is scrutinising the activities of Chinese logging companies which have failed to respect international best practice. In an unprecedented move, the Gabonese Mini...

Home, sweet Chinese home

A Chinese-built, multibillion-dollar housing project near the capital will test Beijing-Luanda relations

The government is under pressure to speed up construction projects to meet its promise to build a million houses in four years, ahead of September’s elections. The Nova Centralidad...

Capitalists and communists

The Beijing government and China International Fund may be separate entities but the multiple links between the two become clearer with each new project. Two of the CIF’s general m...

Displaying 161-170 out of 475 results.