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Summit host Meloni fails to back promises with cash

G7 leaders announced new initiatives on food and energy in Africa but delayed talk on the details and price tags

Africa was the focus of a three-day G7 summit in Apulia in southern Italy, hosted by a buoyant Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, four days after emerging as the biggest winner...

Premier Meloni woos President Saïed

The authoritarian regime in Tunis is at the heart of Rome's grand plans for its African axis

Migration and energy deals topped the agenda of Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's flying visit to Tunisia – her fourth in a year – on 17 April. Flanked by a minis...

Energy drives Italy's turn to Libya

Rome desperately needs North Africa's gas and is making  commercial and political investments in Libya

Italy has already replaced Russia as its main supplier of gas, which is transforming its strategic relationship with North Africa, especially Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Rome intends...

Italy's Eni misled shareholders

New oil database shows the political connections of Eni's partner, and contradicts the company's claims to shareholders

New disclosures show that the publicly listed Italian oil major Eni misled its shareholders over its business ties to one of Congo-Brazzaville's most controversial and powerful pol...


Uncivil action

Royal Dutch Shell and ENI claimed a minor victory on 20 July when the judge in the OPL 245 trial in Milan ruled that the natural resource lobbying groups and civil society organisa...

Abuja comes to Milan

Grandly billed by anti-graft lobbyists as the biggest corporate bribery trial in history, Italy's attempt to prosecute its national oil company ENI and Royal Dutch Shell for paying...

Risorgimento Africano

Forced to focus on its southern flank by Libya's collapse and the Mediterranean migrant crisis, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni's government is getting ever more involved in African...

All at sea over migration

A row over a deal between Rome and Tripoli to police the Mediterranean points to deepening divisions on migration in Africa and Europe

An Italian operation backing efforts by the Libyan coastguard to intercept ships carrying migrants across the Mediterranean risks widening the political fight between the country's...

Follow the money

A leak from Italian prosecutors reveals more details about the recipients of the US$800 million from the OPL 245 licence sale

Telephone taps of Italian middlemen in the deal over Oil Prospecting Licence 245 reveal extraordinary detail about the manoeuvring that led to the agreement between the Nigerian go...

Displaying 1-10 out of 16 results.