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Population: 0.957 mn.
GDP: $1.85 bn.
Debt: $2.06 bn.

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Gurjit Singh

India's Ambassador to Ethiopia (Retired)

Long-serving diplomat Gurjit Singh distinguished himself as one of the most activist ambassadors in Addis Ababa and personally raised the substance and profile of Ethiopia-India ...

Bin Laden's bridge

The epic plan for the world's longest suspension bridge, stretching 27 kilometres between Djibouti and Yemen (AC Vol 49 No 13) and officially launched in Djibouti on 28 July, has p...

Shooting war in Djibouti

The border battle at the mouth of the Red Sea looks more like Eritrean aggression

Fighting has begun around Ras Doumeira, the area of Djibouti seized by Eritrean troops in April (AC Vol 49 No 11). Both sides had built up their forces, seven kilometres inside Dji...

A dangerous invasion

Eritrea sent its troops into Djibouti, a small country with powerful allies

After Djibouti complained that Eritrea had invaded, President Issayas Afewerki responded on 19 May that this was 'a wild invention' with hidden foreign backing. On 4 April, Eritrea...

Jacques et le juge

Police raids on the house of ex-President Jacques Chirac's Africa advisor Michel de Bonnecourse on 9 and 10 July raise the stakes in the investigation into claims by a former Djibo...

Judges swoop

The struggle to shed light on the 1995 death of French Judge Bernard Borrel in Djibouti continues.

Ill-judged death

Embarrassing differences are emerging between the French judiciary and President Jacques Chirac's Cellule Africaine over the death in Djibouti in 1995 of French Judge Bernard Borre...

Radio silence

The mysterious non-appearance of a promised report on the state-run Radio France Internationale on the investigation into the death of French Judge Bernard Borel has caused anger a...

World record?

Many have been surprised to learn that Djibouti had Africa's - and possibly the world's - longest-serving Prime Minister. For most people, this fact emerged only when Barkad Gourad...

Time to talk

The Somali National Peace Conference in Djibouti finished six weeks of initial consultations and moved on last week to phase two (AC Vol 41 No 7). Hundreds of participants (some pi...

Displaying 21-30 out of 37 results.