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Population: 28.83 mn.
GDP: $47.33 bn.
Debt: $22.02 bn.

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Oil spill

No end is in sight to the row between the government and the United States' Kosmos Energy over Kosmos's efforts to sell its equity stake in Ghana's Jubilee oil field to ExxonMobil ...

Oil and optimism

The President’s grand development plans contrast sharply with partisan manoeuvres in Parliament and beyond

In a year’s time Ghana should be producing 150,000 barrels of oil a day and its economy should be growing at well over 10% a year (AC Vol 50 No 25 & Vol 51 No 1). Its party pol...

Burning passions

A bizarre series of fires at government buildings has led to a whispering campaign reminiscent of the spate of brutal murders before the 2000 election campaign, which Flight Lieut...

Opening time at Osu Castle

Mills promises more affable politics and a welcome mat for oil companies but cannot ignore market realities or the harsh conditions in the countryside

Sporting a sharply-pressed black and white dashiki, President John Evans Atta Mills welcomed journalists into the well-guarded grounds of the Castle in Osu, Accra, on 7 January. On...

The great oil battle begins

There will be two cheers on 31 October when Ghana is due to produce its first crude oil for export: the missing cheer reflects concern that the country could be sucked into the vor...

A consensual affair

Oppositionists call for scrutiny of the promised financing from Beijing amid concerns over spiralling national debt

The stratospheric figures – all in billions of dollars – emerging from President John Atta Mills’s grand tour of Asia last month suggest the love affair between Accra and Asia’s bi...

The cost of Ghana’s Asian Alliance

In mid-October, a large, red container ship marked STX Pan Ocean berthed in Tema port and started offloading its cargo of tipper trucks, excavators, bulldozers, forklift trucks and...

Lining up for Jubilee

Asia's big oil companies, backed by their governments, are outbidding their Western rivals

President John Evans Atta Mills, his government and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation are entertaining offers for cooperation and a stake in the Jubilee oil field from all...

Scepticism grows over STX houses

A feistier opposition in Parliament demands more scrutiny on Seoul's multibillion-dollar housing deal

Members of Ghana's opposition are demanding more due diligence on the government's US$1.5 billion housing deal.

Building on oil money

The US$10 billion STX housing deal gets its first hearing in Parliament just as the government prepares to borrow $1.5 bn. in future oil revenues

The Ghanaian government is proposing to put up US$1.5 billion of its future oil revenues to finance the first phase of a controversial housing project with the South Korean const...

Displaying 91-100 out of 213 results.