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Population: 53m
GDP: $110.3bn
Debt: 67.5% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Ruto gambles on Eurobonds

Nairobi's Treasury joins borrowers paying over 10% interest to meet escalating debt service demands

At the heart of the government's plan to issue US$1.5 billion of debt at 10.375% for a buy-back deal is President William Ruto's determination to avoid protracted debt restructurin...

In search of visa-free travel

Last October, President William Ruto vowed that by the end of 2023, travellers would no longer have to 'carry the burden of applying for a visa to come to Kenya'.


Judges sink Ruto's plan to send police to Haiti

A High Court ruling has said Kenya's National Police Force cannot be deployed to keep peace outside the country

The prospects for a United Nations-backed plan for Kenya to deploy 1,000 police officers to Haiti to combat armed gangs have receded after the High Court in Nairobi ruled that it w...


14-year-old case reaches court

After fleeing Kenya in late 2008 and resisting extradition from the United Kingdom since 2011, the former CEO of Triton Oil, one of Kenya's biggest oil importers, Yagnesh Devani, i...

Judges stand up as Ruto takes them on

Chief Justice Martha Koome has pushed back hard after the President accused the judiciary of chronic corruption

The presidency could lose badly if the sniping between it and the judiciary escalates. In his New Year's address, President William Ruto accused opposition leaders of using the cou...


Not enough cops, too much corruption

Critics of President Ruto's plan to deploy police support to Port au Prince are adding to logistical delays

The scale of the challenge facing the Kenyan police as they prepare to support the Haitian National Police in its fights against criminal gangs has been spelt out in a report by Be...


Austerity is no brake on Ruto's ambitions

The President's political dominance after his first full year in office is near total

The speed at which William Ruto shoe-horned his allies into key positions in the political and economic system after his election as president less than 18 months ago still shocks ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 606 results.