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Population: 4.19m
GDP: $3.509bn
Debt: 56.2% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Weah on borrowed time

Donors' fury over misused funds add to the woes facing the President as a mass public protest looms

A much-anticipated 'Save the State' protest, which is scheduled for 7 June, seems to be gaining momentum as citizens challenge President George Weah and his government on critical ...

Weah awash in scandal

The new President’s promises to tackle graft and promote Liberian companies are already wearing thin

George Weah rode a wave of goodwill at home and abroad into the Liberian presidency as yet another peaceful African political transition was celebrated. But the shine is already co...

The heist that never was

Elected on a pro-poor ticket as a ‘man of the people’, George Weah has fast become mired in allegations of graft

President George Weah's carefully choreographed image as a champion of the slum poor, which got him elected with an overwhelming majority in December 2017, is unlikely to survive a...

Monrovia questions UN record

The snubbing of the former head of the UN mission by President Johnson Sirleaf prompts an evaluation of its mixed record

Shortly before she retired in January, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf held a ceremony to thank Liberia's international friends for their support through her 12-year rule. S...

Weah scores away

Liberian President George Weah was one of only four African heads of state to attend the European Commission's showcase for its overseas development aid programme, 'European Develo...

Where's the delivery man?

A pile of 'pro-poor' promises and IMF questions about a road project are putting President Weah's populism to the test

Three months into his presidency, George Weah is still riding high among core supporters but already struggling with tough choices to deliver on his promises of new jobs and housin...

Weah's known unknowns

The new leader is the first civilian president to win a peaceful transfer of power in seven decades. Other 'firsts' lie ahead

George Oppong Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change won such a resounding victory in Liberia's delayed run-off elections on 26 December that his opponent, Joseph Nyuma...

Fraud claims fail to convince

The establishment parties want an election re-run to stop George Weah, but it's putting them at odds with President Johnson Sirleaf

Liberia's Supreme Court has acceded to claims by four major political parties – including the governing Unity Party – that there was fraud during the first round of the...

Weah walks up to the spot

The odds favour the soccer star turned politician against the Vice-President  but there is all to play for ahead of the run-off vote

Although he is ten points ahead after the first round of the elections, George Weah has given few indications of what kind of government he would run, besides making plenty of popu...

Weah sprints towards an open goal

A comfortable lead for the soccer hero in the first round of elections leaves the old elite floundering for a response

Such is the commanding lead built up by George Weah, the star footballer turned politician, in the first round of presidential elections on 10 October that his nearest rival, Vice-...


Displaying 11-20 out of 150 results.