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Population: 4.73 mn.
GDP: $2.16 bn.
Debt: 1.14 bn.

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A low-key second term

The President promises an inclusive government to foster national unity and prevent unrest

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lowered the political temperature, preaching political reconciliation and pledging strong commitment to the nation’s youth after a worthy but un...

New challenges after messy elections

The President won easily but the damage to her authority and to political stability will need careful repair

The Congress for Democratic Change presidential candidate Wilson A. Tubman had already decided to boycott the presidential run-off when police shot dead four of his supporters on 7...

Brinkmanship at the ballot

Tubman’s conditions for standing in the second round of the presidential caused alarm

Threats by Wilson A. Tubman and his Congress for Democratic Change to boycott the second round of the presidential election on 8 November were unresolved as Africa Confidential wen...

Ellen wants first-round win

The President must take over 50% of the vote in the first round to avoid a far more difficult contest in the second

The battle for the soul of Africa’s oldest republic is raging, with a war of words and dirty tricks between the governing Unity Party (UP) and the other 15 political parties contes...

Honesty – not the easiest policy

As elections near, politicians in the President’s party are undermining her efforts to clean up government

More than any previous leader in Liberia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has worked to break the grip of corruption on business and politics. She has pressed multinational mining ...

Strategic electoral alliances

With four months to go to the presidential election, the atmosphere grows more tense

The starting gun for Liberia’s second free presidential election since the civil war was officially fired on 5 July. Early indications for October’s poll show that President Ellen ...

Johnson Sirleaf stands on her record

Voters are likely to favour the President but ex-football star George Weah could push the election to a second round

Strategy for the presidential and parliamentary elections on 11 October will dominate political life, with incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf tipped to win. Yet a strong pus...

Musical chairs in Monrovia

Some presidential friends are taken aback to discover they have lost their jobs in a sweeping pre-election reshuffle

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s decision to send all but one of her cabinet on ‘administrative leave’ was heavily influenced by her son Robert A. Sirleaf, say Monrovia insiders. ...

Displaying 51-60 out of 142 results.