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Population: 4.73 mn.
GDP: $2.16 bn.
Debt: 1.14 bn.

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Rumours and plots

President Johnson-Sirleaf's enemies have come out in the open with a raft of allegations and threats of military action

Murky reports of coup plots and corruption are tarnishing President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s government. Local political scheming undermines her high international credibility and t...

Referee in a tug-of-war

The technocratic President is battling to keep her reforms on track and to outplay the kleptocrats and nationalists

Monrovia's political tug-of-war is getting tougher and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is in the middle as reluctant arbiter and sole referee. At one end of the rope, Liberia's pol...

Snowe white-out

Edwin Melvin Snowe's battle to keep his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives is becoming an embarrassing cause célèbre as he claims the plot against hi...

Economy up, politics down

The post-war economy is easier to manage than Monrovia's politicians

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's economic record is widely praised, as she gets ready for her first anniversary on 16 January. Yet she does not control the flow of finance from th...

Testing Mittal's steel

In its last days, Charles Gyude Bryant’s National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) signed a US$900 million, 25-year deal with the world’s largest steel company, British-re...

Dutch probe

Dutch police are investigating Mittal Steel's US$900 million deal to mine iron ore in Liberia following a slew of allegations by politicians and trades unionists about the contract...

Taylor's trajectories

The coming trial will set a world precedent and embarrass politicians in Africa and the West

As daylight faded, the United Nations helicopter carrying Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor came in low and fast over the hills of Freetown, depositing the Liberian warlord president...

Hope at last

The new government blends technocrats, dodgy names and good intentions

The great and the good lined up under the bullet-speckled walls of the National Assembly to welcome new President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on 16 January (AC Vols 46 No 25 & 47 No ...

In cabinet

Antoinette Sayeh, Minister of Finance: economist, ran World Bank programme in Benin, securing debt relief under Heavily Indebted Poor Countries scheme. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf hope...

Displaying 81-90 out of 140 results.