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Population: 4.73 mn.
GDP: $2.16 bn.
Debt: 1.14 bn.

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The Bong revival

New facts about China Union's iron ore deal reveal the failure and high costs of Monrovia's negotiating tactics

On closer scrutiny, the agreement between China Union and the Liberian government to resume iron ore production at Bong Mines hugely favours the Chinese company with only a minim...

Deal or no deal

The Minerals Development Agreement between China Union and the Liberian government, which Africa-Asia Confidential has seen, offers China Union royalty payments and tax exemption...

A more perfect union

Beijing’s special relationship with Monrovia defies market conditions and is expanding into Guinea and Sierra Leone

The US$2.68 billion agreement signed by China Union's Chief Executive Yin Fuyou and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on 19 January to restart iron ore production at the ol...

The born-again Bong mines

The US$2.68 billion Bong Mines deal hands the Chinese consortium led by Yin Fuyou and China Union a 25-year concession for the formerly German-owned Bong Mines in Bong Country, ...

Graft never really went away

Revelations of grand corruption in mining and shipping contracts embarrass the government

Liberia's government, foreign diplomats and United Nations officials say that Liberia is a nation reborn. War is over, corruption is being rooted out and under the two-and-half yea...

All my friends in New York

Madam President addresses the UN General Assembly

Life in Liberia is gradually improving, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told the United Nations' General Assembly to some applause on 23 September. The economy has been getting st...

Nightmare on Broad Street

Liberia's Finance Minister Antoinette Sayeh faces a huge problem as she steers the country into qualifiying for the World Bank's and International Monetary Fund's debt reduction pr...

Displaying 71-80 out of 140 results.