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Population: 4.61 mn.
GDP: $2.10 bn.
Debt: $0.95 bn.

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Killers united

The Norwegian court trying Anders Behring Breivik, the self-confessed killer of 77 people in July 2011, has heard evidence on his stay in Liberia. In the 1,500-page manifesto that...

Warlords at work

Coup plots in Côte d’Ivoire are linked to the murder of United Nations peacekeepers in the west of the country, officials in Abidjan say.

Warning to future Taylors

Most people implicated in the warlord president’s crimes have escaped justice but his sentence will still deter others

Trial Chamber II of the United Nations-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone on 30 May sentenced Charles Ghankay Taylor to 50 years in prison for his central role in the vicious wa...

Keeping it in the family

The President rejects charges of nepotism after appointing her eldest son to head the state oil company

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has unleashed a storm of controversy by appointing three of her sons and a nephew to important jobs in government. Most attention centred on her eldest Robert...

Timis drills deep

Controversial British-based mining entrepreneur Frank Timis’s African Petroleum Corporation announced a ‘significant’ oil find off the Liberian coast on 21 February.

Ellen's green cred

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is taking action on her green credentials after featuring in a New York Times piece headlined ‘A Nobel Laureate’s Problem at Home’. The op-ed accuse...

A low-key second term

The President promises an inclusive government to foster national unity and prevent unrest

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lowered the political temperature, preaching political reconciliation and pledging strong commitment to the nation’s youth after a worthy but un...

New challenges after messy elections

The President won easily but the damage to her authority and to political stability will need careful repair

The Congress for Democratic Change presidential candidate Wilson A. Tubman had already decided to boycott the presidential run-off when police shot dead four of his supporters on 7...

Brinkmanship at the ballot

Tubman’s conditions for standing in the second round of the presidential caused alarm

Threats by Wilson A. Tubman and his Congress for Democratic Change to boycott the second round of the presidential election on 8 November were unresolved as Africa Confidential wen...

Displaying 41-50 out of 138 results.