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Population: 32.07m
GDP: $15.78bn
Debt: 102.6% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Armando Guebuza

President Mozambique: Mr Gue-Business in China

President Armando Emílio Guebuza met President Xi Jinping to discuss investment and solicit help in strengthening Mozambique's human resources ahead of the second session of the ...

Rotten timber trade

Chinese businesses use personal ties to Mozambican politicians and officials to run a network of illegal timber exports that mask the environmental impact of logging. So concludes ...

Rift risk over gas laws

Negotiations over the planned gas plant could put Anadarko and ENI on a collision course with government

Preparations are now well under way for a liquefied natural gas plant to handle Mozambique’s massive offshore gas deposits. The Instituto Nacional de Petróleo has proposed a bill t...

Make mine a mine

Foreign mining companies await clarification of the regulations after a bill goes before Parliament next month. The mining bill will also open the door to direct ownership by comp...

Guebuza’s new man

President Armando Guebuza has underlined his command of party and state by removing Prime Minister Aires Ali from his government job after he failed to hold on to his party post. A...

Partial win for Guebuza

The President maintained his grip on the party at the Pemba Congress but there were still some surprises

The tenth Congress of the Frente de Libertação de Moçambique ended on 29 September but President Armando Guebuza did not get everything he wanted: he won’t be able to wait out a pr...

The Putin option

The President hopes to go on running the country – and his businesses – after his term in office ends

The 23 to 28 September congress of the governing Frente de Libertação de Moçambique will be the field of the battle to decide whether President Armando Guebuza can hold on to polit...

Conflicts of interest

Acting on corruption is one thing but Frelimo is having problems even passing laws against it

Proposals for anti-corruption legislation are causing severe anxiety in the governing Frente de Libertação de Moçambique. Frelimo is scrambling to bury reforms.

Poll post-mortem shocks

A secret report by the Zambézia Province command of the national police on why the Frente de Libertação de Moçambique so resoundingly lost the mayoral election in Quelimane last De...

Energy bonanza promises real financial independence

Mozambique is on the threshold of a multi-billion dollar energy boom destined to transform a country that, less than 20 years ago, was counted by the World Bank as the world’s poorest, with per capita gross domestic product of US$80. It is still a weak state that lacks capacity to manage such a large range of investment projects and there is concern that resource wealth will facilitate corruption and poor governance. State revenue from these riches promises eventually to deliver something else – revenue independence. This would be a big change for a country highly dependent on foreign aid: grants and concessional loans currently contribute 41% of the national budget

Energy resources lie at the heart of foreign direct investment commitments worth $28 billion. This is more than double 2011’s total gross domestic product of $12 bn. and could rise...

Displaying 151-160 out of 225 results.