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Population: 12.21 mn.
GDP: $9.14 bn.
Debt: $3.34 bn.

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Starting again

Military might and economic rigour have sustained Kigali's recovery

Ten years after Rwanda's genocide, its economic growth is fast but much faster for some sectors and for some people than for others. The government depends heavily on foreign aid. ...

On trial for genocide

The outpouring of grief and horrific memories ten years after Rwanda's genocide has been accompanied by a less dignified round of finger-pointing among governments, diplomats and j...

Who fired the missiles?

Kigali rejects French claims that its fighters shot down President Habyarimana's plane

Diplomatic relations between Paris and Kigali have sunk to their lowest level for a decade in a new row over Rwanda's genocide. On 16 March, President Paul Kagame accused France of...

Deadly anniversary

The regime prepares to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the genocide

Six months after his Front Patriotique Rwandais swept the board at last year's presidential and parliamentary elections, President Paul Kagame is still putting his regime in order ...

Friends wanted

The military threat from abroad is at last diminishing. Tension with Uganda is subsiding in the wake of the most recent meeting between President Paul Kagame and President Yoweri K...


Rwandan intelligence scores full marks for orchestrating the surrender of Hutu rebel leader Paul Rwarakabije on 16 November and wrongfooting both the United Nations and President J...

Bedding down

President Paul Kagame claimed more than 95 per cent of the presidential poll in July, so it was hardly surprising that the coalition led by his Front Patriotique Rwandais (FPR) swe...

A victory foretold

Kagame defeats ethnic arithmetic in the first presidential poll since the genocide of 1994

General Paul Kagame was right when, a few days before the presidential election on 25 August, he told Africa Confidential: 'Most likely I am going to win. RPF is going to win.' T...

Winning hearts and budgets

Doubts about President Paul Kagame's landslide election victory are unlikely to bring a fall in Western aid to Kigali but funding will come under heavier scrutiny as concern grows ...

Finally, an election

General Kagame is set to win easily against a divided opposition in this year's election

The democracy bandwagon Rwandan style rolls on. President Paul Kagame is determined to win a multi-party election on his own terms and will probably do it. He has rejected the no-p...

Displaying 101-110 out of 139 results.