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Population: 12.21 mn.
GDP: $9.14 bn.
Debt: $3.34 bn.

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Death in the canal

On 17 December, a naked and mutilated corpse turned up in a Brussels canal. Five days later, after DNA tests, it was identified as that of Juvénal Uwingiliyimana, 54, a Rwan...

Out and about

The former Director of Rwanda 's External Security Organisation, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, has been released after being held for five months without trial at Mulindi military pris...

Cross to bear

The arrest of a Belgian Roman Catholic priest has revived controversy over Rwanda's gacaca tribunals. With unprecedented speed, on 11 September the gacaca sent Guy Theunis, of the ...

Size doesn't matter

Ex-Finance Minister Donald Kaberuka's victory in the 21 July African Development Bank presidential election (AC Vol 46 No 11) is the latest success for Kigali's increasingly effect...

Inside track

Concern is mounting about the fate of army Spokesman and former Director of External Intelligence Colonel Patrick Karegeya, embroiled in a power struggle within the ruling Front Pa...

On edge

The fighting in North Kivu threatens both next year's promised elections and Congo's fragile peace. President Joseph Kabila's cheerleaders in Kinshasa blame Rwandan aggression for ...

Coming to blows

Somebody fired katyusha rockets into Rwerere village in Rwanda's northern Gisenyi province, on 15 November. Three people were hurt. A similar attack followed in Ruhengeri province....

Militant diplomacy

Kigali's muscular foreign policy has won a grudging respect

A decade after, most of the regime's diplomatic responses are still conditioned by the genocide and the failure of the United Nations and Western states to help stop the mass murde...

Military might

This week's military agreement between Rwanda and South Africa may be touted as African Union cooperation and regional peace-building. But some in Pretoria fear that if Kigali cont...

Displaying 91-100 out of 139 results.