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Population: 12.21 mn.
GDP: $9.14 bn.
Debt: $3.34 bn.

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A victory foretold

Kagame defeats ethnic arithmetic in the first presidential poll since the genocide of 1994

General Paul Kagame was right when, a few days before the presidential election on 25 August, he told Africa Confidential: 'Most likely I am going to win. RPF is going to win.' T...

Winning hearts and budgets

Doubts about President Paul Kagame's landslide election victory are unlikely to bring a fall in Western aid to Kigali but funding will come under heavier scrutiny as concern grows ...

Finally, an election

General Kagame is set to win easily against a divided opposition in this year's election

The democracy bandwagon Rwandan style rolls on. President Paul Kagame is determined to win a multi-party election on his own terms and will probably do it. He has rejected the no-p...

High dudgeon summit

None of the three main players brimmed with confidence about better Rwandan-Ugandan relations after their mini-summit at Britain's Lancaster House on 8 May. No new measures were ag...

Soccer war, Congo war

So it's war then. Uganda's daily Monitor was unequivocal: 'Rwanda, Uganda go to war in Kigali!' screamed the headline. In fact, the Monitor was reporting a qualifying match between...

Proxy wars and slaughter

The confused killing in eastern Congo involves politics, tribalism and greed

Rwanda and Uganda have pulled out their troops (AC Vol 43 No 19) but the proxy war continues in eastern Congo. On 15 August in Luanda, Uganda agreed with Congo-Kinshasa to withdraw...

Leaving the quagmire

Kigali's withdrawal of troops from Congo creates problems for everyone

According to a sympathetic diplomat, the Kigali government has 'achieved in eight years what has taken 50 in Israel ­ the loss of the moral high ground after a genocide against...

Anti-Kagame alliance

President Paul Kagame's Front Patriotique Rwandais faces its first broad opposition since seizing power in July 1994 (AC Vol 42 No 25). Launched in Brussels on 5 April, the Allianc...

Everything is risky

President Kagame prepares for national elections while his exiled military opponents regroup in Congo-Kinshasa

In our situation everything we do is risky...' General Paul Kagame told Africa Confidential on 9 December in Kigali as he explained plans to open up the country's politics ahead of...

Donor diplomacy

Donors heaped praise on Finance Minister Donald Kaberuka's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper launched in Kigali late last month. The PRSP has to be designed and implemented before R...

Displaying 91-100 out of 122 results.