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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 7.56 mn.
GDP: $3.77 bn.
Debt: $1.73 bn.

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Hinga's death hits home

The loss of its main defendant further weakens the slow and costly Special Court

The death of Chief Sam Hinga Norman, former Defence Minister and leader of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF), is a hammer blow to the Special Court of Sierra Leone, set up to try thos...

A rare soldiering success

Security in Sierra Leone has been managed much better than the economy and politics. A British-led international training team has sharply improved the professionalism and dependab...

The signs are rusting

Politicians compete to lead a government with big changes to make

At the Lumley Beach roundabout, the bar sign that said 'Sweet Salone 2025' has rusted over and nearly collapsed, leaving only Sweet Sal. With the other places of relaxation around ...

Courting disaster

Arrogance and ineptitude may allow the warlords to get away with murder

When Liberia's ex-President Charles Ghankay Taylor finally arrived at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, he joined nine other indicted war criminals, both rebel commanders whom he...

The accused

The main point of the United Nations-backed Special Court was to try 'those with the greatest responsibility' for the ten-year war that left 50,000 people dead and half a million d...

Counting on oil

Donors pledged upwards of US$800 million in reconstruction aid over the next three years at the Sierra Leone Consultative Group in London on 30 November. This far exceeded the $360...

Flying with Solo B

The SLPP has chosen its flag bearer for the 2007 polls, with corruption the main issue

Only a political avalanche could alter the dominance of the governing Sierra Leone People's Party before the elections in February 2007. Vice-President Solomon Berewa, also known a...

They were all contenders

Delegate conferences of the Sierra Leone People's Party and the All People's Congress last month produced new party leaderships, ready for the February 2007 elections. There were e...

A matter of graft

The World Bank has postponed indefinitely a donors' meeting on Sierra Leone, which had initially been scheduled for 6 June, as concern grows about high-level corruption in Presiden...

Displaying 121-130 out of 188 results.