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Population: 63.58m
GDP: $67.84bn
Debt: 36.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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From pandemic to infodemic

Amid the data drought, scare stories and cover-ups on Covid-19, there are signs that President Magufuli’s position is belatedly changing

As more officials and politicians fall victim to the Coronavirus amid mounting local and international criticism of President John Magufuli's downplaying of the crisis, there are s...


Bulldozing to victory

The President has carried out a crude electoral coup and reduced the opposition to a token presence in parliament

After an election campaign dubbed the least free since multiparty democracy began in 1995, President John Magufuli won his second term of office with the biggest majority since the...

A government walkover

Years of restrictions and violence against the opposition makes President Magufuli a shoo-in for re-election in October

Tanzania is set for six weeks of phoney election campaigning before, as is widely expected, President John Pombe Magufuli secures a second five-year term on 28 October at the gener...

Sins of the commission

The opposition claims President John Magufuli is pulling out all the stops to prevent its candidates being registered for the October general election, although it is unlikely to m...

Lissu heads for home

Two and a half years after being shot 40 times by suspected government gunmen outside the National Assembly in Dodoma, opposition leader Tundu Lissu says he will return to Tanzania...

Media denied oxygen

The government campaign against press freedom has gone into overdrive during the coronavirus pandemic. The most recent outlet to fall foul of the country's increasingly harsh censo...

Magufuli wants a mega-dam

Experts say solar power is a better bet than projects like the Stiegler's Gorge dam, which has got the go-ahead in spite of conservationist concern

Plans to build a dam across the Rufiji River at Stiegler's Gorge pre-date Tanzania's independence, but no public or private finance could be found for the venture until 2018, when ...

Taxing targets

The budget Minister for Finance and Planning Philip Mpango presented to parliament on 11 June held no surprises for citizens, but the next day's passing of the Finance Act caused a...

Displaying 41-50 out of 211 results.