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Population: 57.31 mn.
GDP: $52.09 bn.
Debt: $18.24 bn.

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Power scandal rocks ministers

The President returns to find Parliament and people alike outraged by the latest corruption scandal. The CCM is looking for a way out

Having spent much of November convalescing in the United States after prostate surgery, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete came home to find a country in turmoil over the escrow accou...

Power fraud unravels

How the government handles the latest power sector scam could have a major impact on President Kikwete’s political legacy

Heads may be about to roll after revelations about the contested transfer of 200 billion Tanzania shillings (US$124 million) from an escrow account in the central bank, the Bank of...

Constitutional disassembly

Tanzania's constitutional review process has finally ground to a halt. What was to have been President Jakaya Kikwete's shining legacy will now become a throbbing headache for his ...

MPs demand answers

The government refused to give in to parliamentary demands for an answer about strange goings on at the power suppliers

Investigations into the controversial release of US$122 million from an escrow account to the new owners of Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) are running into heavy weather...

The MIGs of Mwanza

Tanzania has sent home the North Koreans who were supposed to be restoring some of the Tanzanian People’s Defence Force’s Soviet-era military equipment following secret...

Electrical storm

Some of the government's electricity supply deals – what Energy Minister Sospeter Muhongo called 'shoddy contracts that are a burden to Tanzanians' – are back in the ne...

Gas and hot air

Progress, albeit hesitant, is being made on the vaunted gas economy and on the assembly that will oversee the new constitution

With two months remaining of the current offshore licensing round, Tanzania is making slow progress in defining the shape of its new 'gas economy'. The challenge is to reach agreem...

Trophy-hunters after Kikwete

The President comes in for a storm of criticism over elephant and rhino poaching but the true picture is more complicated

Embattled President Jakaya Kikwete has tried to fight back after coming under intense fire from the British Mail on Sunday newspaper and politicians at home and abroad over the sla...

Parties jostle ahead of polls

With national elections due in 2015, the decks are being cleared for action amidst fierce rivalries for the CCM nomination

This is President Jakaya Kikwete’s last year in the presidency. It seems a very long time since he came to office in 2005 amid ringing pledges to fight corruption. Instead, w...

Concern over contract-farming

Debate on how to address land conflicts and poverty in rural Tanzania is intensifying. Last year, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition grew out of the Group of Eight meeting in May. Critics say the Alliance is more about providing access to untapped markets in Africa for global corporate giants such as Vodafone and Monsanto than helping to streamline agriculture or free smallholders from poverty. The G-8 has promised to lift 50 million of the world’s people out of ‘extreme poverty’ by 2022 and its key vehicle for boosting agricultural production is private investment

Tanzania was among the first six countries to sign up to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, along with Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana and M...

Displaying 51-60 out of 165 results.